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Ride By Night

Ride By Night

Ride By Night (2017)

Synopsis: Isolated after the death of her abolitionist husband, pioneer woman Joan must decide if she'll help Martha, a former slave fleeing for her life, along the Underground Railroad. As Martha forces Joan's hand, they make their way North, leaving behind bodies in their wake.


Martha - Gisela Adisa

Joan - Eileen Weisinger

The Hunter - Robert Lyons

The Traveler - Joseph Cordaro


Producer - Mona Karrenbach

Director of Photography - Isabel Bethencourt

Production Designer - Leila Garrison

Sound Designer - Mihir Chitale

Editor - Cale Brooks

Composer - Tom Goff

Festivals: NYU First Run Festival 2017

  • Awards - Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance

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Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box (2015)

Synopsis: As Adam lives an empty life of sadness and loneliness, he is driven to find a solution to his problems. After taking some pills that he believes will give him back some life, he is thrust into his own mind where he converses with different elements of his own psyche.



Adam - Christian Cuoco

Joy - Aubrey Quinn

Malice - Rebecca Knox

Doctor - David Gibson


Producer - Nick Bailey

Director of Photography - Ryan Acklesberg

Production Designer - Leyna Rowan

Editor - Connor Culhane

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